How do I send a message to an inmate on PIO?

Each inmate listed on PIO has a "Message" button on their profile page. When you click the "Message" button, a pop up will appear showing you different methods in which you can write to the inmate.


1. Write them directly: You can always write to the inmate directly through the mail using a pen and paper and a stamp on an envelope. The inmate's address is clearly listed under their name on their profile.

2. * Send a Free Message: (Not available for all inmates) Some inmates pay for a service we provide called "Message Service". If the inmate has "Message Service" there is an option to send a FREE MESSAGE when you click the "Message" button on their profile page. If this option is not available, this means that the inmate has not purchased this service, or this service is not allowed at the prison they are located in.

3. Use Jmail: You can setup an account with which will forward all your messages to the inmate for a small service fee.


* Free Messages are collected and MAILED weekly to the inmate. You can send 1 message a day and up to 500 characters to each inmate on our site who this option is available.

: Your name and mailing address will be provided to the inmate so they can write you back. This service is for personal contact only, messages of solicitation or from organizations will be discarded and not sent.


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    Hey bby how are you I finally think I got this systems down I received ur letter n Angie sends her love to u she going to learn this system too so u coming back to a town I'm anxious to see u bby I know this is a difficult time for u believe me I know u just keep ur head up n know u only hav a month left praise GOD use this time wisely find the LORD in u GOD PLACES US IN TJIS SEASON FOR A REASON USE IT WISELY n know u only hav a few days don't count them cuz it takes longer just keep ur mind busy with positive things slow down n hear what the spirit is telling u. I love u bby

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    Margaret Loper

    How do I find my son Christopher McBee

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